The Lucky Guy (1998)

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The Lucky Guy (1998)

Overview: Lucky Coffee Shop is well-known for its egg tarts and tea. Waiter Sui, named as Prince Egg Tart, attracts lots of girls but only loves Candy. He and his friends, Nam, and Fok, all have love problems. At the same time, the coffee shop may collapse since the landlord is increasing the rent tremendously. Let's see how the lucky guys of the shop can revert this situation.

Vote Average: 6.5

Genres: Comedy, Romance

Production Companies: Brilliant Idea Group

Cast: Stephen Chow, Eric Kot Man-Fai, Daniel Chan Hiu-Tung, Sammi Cheng, Kristy Yang,

Crew: Cheng Siu-keung , Lee Lik-Chi , Lee Lik-Chi , Cheng Man-Fai

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