6 to 9 (2005)

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6 to 9 (2005)

Overview: Meet Harry Ballcock, a man who has it all. Money, power, prestige…and a bevy of beautiful female employees who would love nothing more than to see him dead. Seems old Harry has built his vast empire on their sweat, hard work, and massive cleavage. And after years of lies and sexual harassment, it’s time to get even. Join the sultry ladies of Ballcock Realty as they turn the tables on their lecherous boss in a fun filled erotic chase through slimy swamps and deserted ghost towns. Watch as Harry encounters side-splitting dilemma, flying bullets, hostile vixens and sees his most outrageous sexual fantasies come to life. Some lessons can only be learned the hard way and Harry is about to find out…Payback’s A Bitch!

Vote Average: 6.2

Genres: Comedy

Production Companies: Peach Entertainment

Cast: Lance Vance, Tylene Buck, Rachel Elizabeth, Christine Vinson, Felicia Tang,

Crew: Jim Monroe

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