Thunderbirds (2004)

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Thunderbirds (2004)

Overview: Dangerous missions are the bread and butter of the Thunderbirds, a high-tech secret force employed by the government. Led by Jeff Tracy (Bill Paxton), the Thunderbirds are at the top of their game, but their nemesis, The Hood (Ben Kingsley), has landed on their island and is attempting a coup by using the team's rescue vehicles. He'll soon discover that the Thunderbirds won't go down.

Vote Average: 4.94

Genres: Adventure, Action, Science Fiction, Comedy, Family, Fantasy

Production Companies: Working Title Films , Tracy Films , StudioCanal , Universal Pictures , Working Title Films

Cast: Brady Corbet, Soren Fulton, Debora Weston, Lou Hirsch, Alex Barringer,

Crew: Hans Zimmer , Mary Selway , Tim Bevan , Eric Fellner , Jonathan Frakes

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