Young Ip Man: Crisis Time (2023)

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Young Ip Man: Crisis Time (2023)

Overview: In 1917 young Ip Man first came to Hong Kong to study, but his peaceful campus life was unexpectedly broken. A shocking hostage situation occurred on the day when the school held an English speech contest. All students in the school were held hostage, and one person was killed every minute. Facing the immediate crisis, Ip Man stepped forward, but unexpectedly discovered that the kidnapper was his master, and his good brother turned out to be an accomplice of the kidnapper.

Vote Average: 6.83

Genres: Action

Production Companies:

Cast: Zhao Wenhao, Mou Fengbin, Li Hao-xuan, Yuqing Shi, Tong Xiaohu,

Crew: Li Liming

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