Louis C.K. at the Dolby (2023)

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Louis C.K. at the Dolby (2023)

Overview: Louis C.K.'s 10th stand-up special filmed in Hollywood at the Dolby Theatre (2023). "I performed and filmed this new comedy special at the Dolby Theater in Hollywood, CA in early January 2023. It includes a lot of the same material that was in my livestream "Back To The Garden," but it also has a bunch of other stuff that wasn't in that show. Including a totally different closing chunk of jokes. And it is shot more carefully and with more and better cameras. And better editing. I like to think of it this way: "Back To The Garden" was the live concert, and "Louis C.K. at The Dolby" is the album." -- Louis C.K.

Vote Average: 7

Genres: Comedy

Production Companies:

Cast: Louis C.K.

Crew: Louis C.K. , Louis C.K. , Louis C.K. , Brady Nasfell , Lea Cohen

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