Not Here to Be Loved (2005)

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Not Here to Be Loved (2005)

Overview: Jean-Claude Delsart, a 50 years-old bailiff, with his worn-out smile and heart, abandoned a long time ago the idea that life could give him pleasures. Until the day, he dares to push the doors of a tango lesson...

Vote Average: 6.7

Genres: Drama, Romance

Production Companies: Angoa-Agicoa , CNC , PROCIREP , TS Productions , Uni Etoile 2

Cast: Patrick Chesnais, Anne Consigny, Georges Wilson, Lionel Abelanski, Cyril Couton,

Crew: Gilles Sacuto , Stéphane Brizé , Stéphane Brizé , Juliette Sales , Miléna Poylo

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