Popular Music (2004)

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Popular Music (2004)

Overview: Matti and Niila, growing up in the mid-sixties in the harsh and conservative environment of a Finnish-speaking part of Tornedalen in Swedish Laponia, close to the Finnish border. Their big dream is to become rock stars. In the present the now grown-up Matti feels guilt for the death of his drug-addicted rock star friend Niila.

Vote Average: 6.41

Genres: Drama, Comedy

Production Companies: Solar Films , Happy End Filmproductions , Filmpool Nord , SF Studios , Fine & Mellow Productions

Cast: Max Enderfors, Andreas af Enehielm, Niklas Ulfvarson, Tommy Vallikari, Jarmo Mäkinen,

Crew: Anders Refn , Reza Bagher , Reza Bagher , Mikael Niemi , Erik Norberg

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