The Incredible Monk - Dragon Return (2018)

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The Incredible Monk - Dragon Return (2018)

Overview: General Gao Renjie (Xie Yihong) is a prominent official of the royal court. He has been in countless battles and has been hailed as a decorated war hero. He has a childhood sweetheart named Feng Yi (Huang Lufei) whom he liked since they were young. Feng Yi suffers a terrible fate when she is thrown to a life of prostitution. Although Gao Renjie loves Feng Yi, he does not dare to marry her. Gao Renjie turns to Ji Gong (Benny Chan) for help, yet things do not go as planned.

Vote Average: 9

Genres: Comedy, Fantasy

Production Companies: iQiyi Motion Pictures

Cast: Chan Ho-Man, Lam Tze-chung, Sun Mingming, Joe Hsieh, Jin Gang,

Crew: Lam Tze-chung , Lam Tze-chung , Chan Ho-Man

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