Bringing Him Back (2021)

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Bringing Him Back (2021)

Overview: After losing their mother, Mía and Moi take refuge in a ramshackle family home, in the countryside, in the middle of nowhere. With them, Biel, Moi’s boyfriend. Together the three of them try to rest and heal the wounds. Especially in the case of Moi, who is recovering from a severe nervous breakdown. These are days of recovering family memories, some of them painful, of meeting again, of living without haste. The arrival of Mikel, Mía’s boyfriend, will alter the coexistence and disturb each of the inhabitants of the house in different ways. The tension grows until it explodes in an act of violence with irreversible consequences.

Vote Average: 2.8

Genres: Drama

Production Companies: Paciencia y Barajar , Toned Media , FTFcam

Cast: Bruna Cusí, Ricardo Gómez, Eneko Sagardoy, Joe Manjón

Crew: Ricardo Gomez , Toni Espinosa , Borja de la Vega , Borja de la Vega , Borja de la Vega

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