Now or Never! (2024)

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Now or Never! (2024)

Overview: On March 15, 1848, a young firebrand poet, Sándor Petöfi ignites the Hungarian Revolution with his passionate 'National Song', prompting the Austrians to dispatch a ruthless secret agent to assassinate him and suppress the uprising.

Vote Average: 1

Genres: Adventure, Action, Drama, History

Production Companies: Lumiere Film & TV , FP Films

Cast: Berettyán Nándor, Sára Mosolygó, Koltai Nagy Balázs, Tibor Fehér, Lajos Ottó Horváth,

Crew: Róbert Gulya , Kriskó László , Mark Kis-Szabo , Tamás Dobos , Szente Vajk

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